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Stories that flowers flowering in February have to tell

Lesser celandine

04 Lesser celandine cropped

The leaves of Lesser Celandine are high in Vitamin C, so were used to prevent scurvy.  Young leaves were either boiled or used as a salad – despite the fact that they contain toxins, which become stronger as the leaves age.  Lesser Celandine was used to treat haemorrhoids, in fact it used to be called ‘Pilewort’.  This was because the plant’s knobbly underground tubers looked like piles.  Continue reading

The berries of our three species of buckthorn typically ripen in this month

Buckthorn lives mainly on calcareous soils such as chalk and limestone.  It grows alongside Alder blackthorn in Alder carr. The berries taste bitter and are poisonous, dissuading people from using them in this way. Continue reading