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El Ninjo, Trackatree, and the agonies of a pincer movement

So, thanks to El Ninjo, this winter (so called) is proving to be an odd one indeed.  Our daffodils have been in flower for two weeks (normal time is first / second week in March), Twitter is awash with images of Snowdrops, and on Sunday Richard Jefferson and I saw our first Primroses (actually, Richard spotted them – I’d marched straight past; probably talking).  All of which means I’m feeling TrackaTree pressure even earlier than normal. Continue reading

Stories that flowers flowering in January have to tell

A surprisingly large number of flowers will flower in January, as the BSBI’s New Year Flower Hunt has demonstrated.  Some are well known, such as the Snowdrop, some are obscure, such as the Yellow star of Bethlehem, some are early season specialists, such as Winter aconite, while some are just plain greedy – in that they flower just about all the time, such as Yarrow.  But they all have some kind of story to tell… Continue reading