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Fascinating factoids about yet more flowers out now (or not, depending on the season)

Lords and ladies

158 Lords and Ladies cropped

The starchy root of Lords and Ladies was once used to produce a home made version of arrowroot.  This was called Portland sago.  As all parts of the plant are poisonous it was not otherwise consumed.

Lords and ladies was recommended by some to treat sore throats and ringworm.  It was used to encourage the afterbirth to detach. Continue reading

Nature prepares its harvest – berries ripening in August

For me August (especially the third week, when the first morning chill in the air is most likely to be felt) is the worst time of the year.  It is the month in which summer ends (assuming it ever started), which is bad news for an ultra-violet addict.

But we must be brave and search for an upside.  Luckily nature can be relied on to provide several of these, one of which is the ripening of an increasing variety of berries.  These bring both colour and interest to the countryside, several of which have stories to tell. Continue reading