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New arrivals in my ‘garden meadow’

One of my projects this spring has been to set up a small area of ‘meadow’ in our garden – in other words, remove the mower.  This is an area of about two square metres down the side of the house, where nothing grows very well and ‘no one’ (meaning my less than impressed wife) goes much.

My original plan was to leave it and see what happens – what wonderful meadow flowers would move in through the magic of nature.  However my botanist friend Richard came to stay a few weeks ago and kyboshed that one.  Continue reading

The contribution we made to National Meadows Day was, err, ‘modest’

On Saturday 2 July our meadow charity, the Naturetale Restoration Foundation (NRF), organised a display at our trial site as part of National Meadows Day.  One might reasonably have expected an epoch shaping event of this magnitude to have brought this part of north east Essex to a grinding halt, as the transport system groaned under the strain (a bit like Worthy Farm does) – but strangely this did not transpire. Continue reading

The state of play of the Naturetale Restoration Foundation (NRF) as at mid-June

Heartened by the award of the first £1,000 for the NRF, the meadow diversity improvement charity that we’ve set up, we have ‘pressed the green button’ on our plans to have a display at the trial site on July 2, which is National Meadows Day.  (National Meadows Day is a specific event, part of the Magnificent Meadows initiative being run by Plantlife and its partner organisations). Continue reading

The Naturetale Restoration Foundation has gained its first donation! Now we really are up and running

So everything for our new charity to run a long term meadow establishment trial was set up – a trial site, a plan, a name, constitution, trustees, bank account, Charity Commission registration, a webpage and so on.  Just one small thing missing – any funds.  Continue reading

I am the subject of a research project into citizen scientists. My mind has been probed!

I recently had the pleasure of a morning in the company of Dr. Ria Dunkley.  Ria is a post-doc researcher at the Sustainable Places Research Institute, part of Cardiff University.  Ria has noticed that a) ‘Citizen Science’ is all the rage and, b) no one actually knows why people volunteer to do it.  So she’s set up a research project to find out.  And I was one of her first victims – sorry, subjects. Continue reading

What type of charity should the Naturetale Restoration Foundation be? (And the answer is not simple!)

It seems that these days few things is life are simple – and identifying how to set up your charity is no exception.  To be fair, the Government has provided lots of guidance, standardised documentation, and so on to help.  So it’s not overly complicated, but it does need careful thinking through.

There are two key issues to think about.  Continue reading

A significant step forward for the biodiversity of Essex?

Prompted and motivating by the blogs I’ve been reading from Urban Pollinators, Plantlife, Butterfly Conservation, Buglife et al, last Autumn I decided to dig up part of our lawn (now less in demand as a football, cricket and badminton area) and create a pollinator wild flower bed.  Mrs H. was suitably alarmed and feared the worst (still does, actually). Continue reading

Taking part in Plantlife’s Flower Count survey

Two years ago, before I’d dreamt up the Naturetale app, I paid little attention to flowers and considered them a bit boring.  This was largely because they didn’t move or do much – unlike birds.  Of course, it’s difficult to develop a product if you know little about its subject matter.  So over the last two years I’ve learnt quite a lot – including the realisation that plants are (or at least can be) interesting.

Something else I’ve learnt is that Plantlife, a leading plant conservation charity, run a national survey of plants, designed for people nearly as ignorant as me to take part in.  Continue reading