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Getting practical Part 3 – Preparing the plot marker pegs

Richard’s colleague had provided contact information of a stockist of the plot marker pegs, whose website had a lot of detail.  Their sales department was also helpful, so I was able to work out exactly what to buy.  They were a bit pricier than I had hoped, but the stockist (M & P Survey Equipment) kindly provided us with a charity discount, which helped.  Having looked in the box that arrived here, I’m hoping that Duncan and his men are good at puzzles, because it looks a bit like a Meccano set in there.  My job was to paint the numbers 1 through to 12 on the surface marker plates, so that in future years we know where each plot is.  I have used a Humbrol paint on the aluminium marker plates – at least I hope I’ve painted on the right bits. Continue reading

The Naturetale team has a great day spotting wild flowers with Monika Koch of Wild Adventures under Suffolk’s Skies

This year Naturetale has again run its offer of a day out spotting wild flowers with our team for someone who has bought the app.  This year’s winner was Monika Koch of Wild Adventures under Suffolk’s Skies and Stars of Suffolk.  Most helpfully, the area around Monika’s base at Aldburgh, Suffolk has some great wild flower locations – and as Monika organises nature walks she knows exactly where these are.

And so it was that Richard and I headed over to Aldburgh (or, more accurately, Snape) on Saturday 6 August.  Continue reading

So who won the Naturetale ‘Wild flowerspotting Masterclass’ offer – or was this always a con, like we suspect so many of these ‘special offers’ are?

May 30 was the deadline for entries to the Naturetale ‘have a day out with the team looking at flowers at a place convenient to you’  offer (we spent a lot of time crafting that snappy title).  So I’m guessing that you’re all waiting with bated breath to find out who won it.  If, indeed, anyone did. Continue reading

The Naturetale Restoration Foundation has gained its first donation! Now we really are up and running

So everything for our new charity to run a long term meadow establishment trial was set up – a trial site, a plan, a name, constitution, trustees, bank account, Charity Commission registration, a webpage and so on.  Just one small thing missing – any funds.  Continue reading

Fascinating factoids about yet more flowers out now (or not, depending on the season)

Lords and ladies

158 Lords and Ladies cropped

The starchy root of Lords and Ladies was once used to produce a home made version of arrowroot.  This was called Portland sago.  As all parts of the plant are poisonous it was not otherwise consumed.

Lords and ladies was recommended by some to treat sore throats and ringworm.  It was used to encourage the afterbirth to detach. Continue reading

The Naturetale Restoration Foundation moves to the next stage – Charity Commission registration!

So the really big news from the world of Naturetale this week is that, far quicker than expected, we’ve received an e-mail from the Charity Commission to say that the Naturetale Restoration Foundation (NRF) has successfully registered as a bone fide charity, with merit.  Its registration number is 1166077, and here is our certificate to prove it. Continue reading

Stories that flowers flowering in March have to tell

Wild daffodil

172 Wild daffodil cropped

True Wild daffodils are only now found in a restricted number of woods, mainly in the west of the country.  It is an indicator of ancient woodland and grassland, often found growing with plants such as Dog’s mercury, wood anemone, Primrose, Cowslip, Lesser celandine, Ivy, and violets. Continue reading

I am the subject of a research project into citizen scientists. My mind has been probed!

I recently had the pleasure of a morning in the company of Dr. Ria Dunkley.  Ria is a post-doc researcher at the Sustainable Places Research Institute, part of Cardiff University.  Ria has noticed that a) ‘Citizen Science’ is all the rage and, b) no one actually knows why people volunteer to do it.  So she’s set up a research project to find out.  And I was one of her first victims – sorry, subjects. Continue reading

The Naturetale Restoration Foundation is ‘out of the blocks’

Regular readers of this blog (hi Mum!) will have read about the charity that we are trying to establish.  The purpose of this is to run a long term trial to identify better ways to establish particular species of meadow flowers which have so far proved resistant to existing approaches.  If we can do this it will improve the ability of conservation organisations to increase the biodiversity of wild flower meadows.  And that means more beauty, insects, birds and mammals for us to enjoy.

What greater purpose could there be in life?! Continue reading