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Stories that flowers flowering in March have to tell

Wild daffodil

172 Wild daffodil cropped

True Wild daffodils are only now found in a restricted number of woods, mainly in the west of the country.  It is an indicator of ancient woodland and grassland, often found growing with plants such as Dog’s mercury, wood anemone, Primrose, Cowslip, Lesser celandine, Ivy, and violets. Continue reading

A productive and enjoyable walk to see Autumn Fruits (and other nature stuff), Part 1

Last Sunday (27 September) I led a guided walk around Hillhouse Wood, West Bergholt, to show people the berries, nuts and fruit that are in our local hedgerows and woods – and convey the stories they have to tell.  It shows that some good, at least, has come out of the development of the Naturetale app, because without this I wouldn’t know any of this stuff!

We were blessed with benign weather conditions, which doubtless was partly responsible for a turnout of over twenty people.  Continue reading

The 2014 berry and nut harvest on my local patch

Over the last couple of years I’ve been leading a walk around our local wood to show people the various fruits that our plants, shrubs and trees produce.  Coupled with participation in the now defunct BTO Winter Thrushes survey, this has brought home to me how this ‘harvest’ can vary from year to year.

So how’s 2014 looking?  Continue reading

Which berries are most popular with birds?

We all know that birds eat berries, and followers of this blog will know which birds are regular berry eaters.  But which species of berries attract the greatest variety of birds? Continue reading

Birds that eat berries

We all associate the various thrushes (Blackbird, Mistle Thrush, Song Thrush Fieldfare and Redwing) with eating berries. But are these the only ones? A few years ago Barbara and David Snow undertook some detailed fieldwork in the Oxfordshire area to find out. Continue reading

Autumn Fruits Foray around Hillhouse Wood, Colchester

In the odd moment I get when not counting the vast profits we’re making from the Naturetale app, or planning where to buy the next of my country retreats, I volunteer for the Friends of Hillhouse Wood.  On the basis that everyone else ‘took a step back’, I have found myself leading wildlife walks around the wood. Last Saturday I led a new one for us. Continue reading

Midsummers Day – once a lot more important than it is now

One of the greatest ‘eye-openers’ I’ve had through developing the Naturetale app is to appreciate how far more central, and important, to most peoples’ lives flowers used to be than they are now.  Flowers were not just pretty decorations, to provide some beauty and relaxation.  Through food, medicine and (what we now consider to be superstitious) beliefs flowers played an integral role in living and surviving. Continue reading