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This year’s Autumn Fruits walk beats the weather – but Abigail and James steal the show

On 16 October I ran the fourth (I think) Autumn Fruits nature walk around and through Hillhouse Wood, near West Bergholt.  The fact that I am able to make this statement is a slight surprise, because the previous evening’s weather forecast had heavy rain bang on the time of the walk, and light rain for an hour either side.  On which basis I had anticipated being on my own. Continue reading

Plenty to see and talk about on my recent Autumn Fruits walk

In early October I led the third of my Autumn Fruits walks in and around Hillhouse Wood, near West Bergholt.  These walks focus on berries and nuts, but also cover whatever else we find along the way.  Continue reading

Which berries are most popular with birds?

We all know that birds eat berries, and followers of this blog will know which birds are regular berry eaters.  But which species of berries attract the greatest variety of birds? Continue reading

The origins of Halloween and the plants associated with it

Halloween is believed to trace back to a Celtic festival called Samhain.  This marked the end of Summer and, thus, the start of Winter.  This was an important time for societies in which winter survival was by no means guaranteed, as it meant the end of the harvest period.  As winter was associated with darkness and an increased likelihood of death, so was Halloween.  The Druids believed that the spirits of those who died during the preceding year roamed the earth on the night of Samhain. Continue reading

Autumn Fruits Foray around Hillhouse Wood, Colchester

In the odd moment I get when not counting the vast profits we’re making from the Naturetale app, or planning where to buy the next of my country retreats, I volunteer for the Friends of Hillhouse Wood.  On the basis that everyone else ‘took a step back’, I have found myself leading wildlife walks around the wood. Last Saturday I led a new one for us. Continue reading