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Both budburst and the first Chiffchaff in Hillhouse wood – Spring in getting into its stride

Fieldwork for the Track a tree phenology project is now providing me with plenty of excuses to pay frequent visits to Hillhouse wood.  The warm weather over the last few days will drive bud burst, so I need to ensure that I don’t miss it.  On 10 March bud burst was visible on parts of my Hazel coppice, so I knew that this would progress rapidly.  Sure enough, my visit on 13 March revealed that buds were now bursting on all parts of the stool. Continue reading

Why people my age cannot create a wild flower meadow, Part 1

A bold claim and, of course, a ‘not totally’ true one.  It turns on two things: firstly, the assumption that I cannot expect to live for much more than a further 30-40 years, and secondly, our chosen definition of what a wild flower meadow actually is.  In this first of three posts I will cover what we consider a meadow to be. Continue reading

Autumn Fruits Foray around Hillhouse Wood, Colchester

In the odd moment I get when not counting the vast profits we’re making from the Naturetale app, or planning where to buy the next of my country retreats, I volunteer for the Friends of Hillhouse Wood.  On the basis that everyone else ‘took a step back’, I have found myself leading wildlife walks around the wood. Last Saturday I led a new one for us. Continue reading

Fordham Hall estate – an awful lot out of nothing at all

Fordham is a perfectly pleasant, but otherwise unremarkable small village in north east Essex.  Until ten years ago it was surrounded by typical East Anglian arable prairie, with all the lack of wildlife that goes with this.  Most of this land was part of one 500 acre unit, which formed a large ‘U’ shape around the village.

It so happened that this unit came up for sale. Continue reading