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Steve Hallam – now a ‘star’ of local radio (not), and a lawn meadower

So I’ve had a new experience today – I was interviewed for about five minutes on BBC Radio Essex (and no, not at 3 in the morning).  Radio Essex wanted to give some coverage to the RSPB’s campaign to encourage folk to let their garden lawns grow a little longer to help wildlife.  This helps in two ways – it enables meadow flowers such as Cowslips to stand a chance, while the longer grass is needed by certain species of butterfly, such as the Speckled Wood.  And, of course, it means that you have to mow it less. Continue reading

Stories that flowers flowering in March have to tell

Wild daffodil

172 Wild daffodil cropped

True Wild daffodils are only now found in a restricted number of woods, mainly in the west of the country.  It is an indicator of ancient woodland and grassland, often found growing with plants such as Dog’s mercury, wood anemone, Primrose, Cowslip, Lesser celandine, Ivy, and violets. Continue reading

Speedwell – pretty, ubiquitous, and useful

Speedwell is one flower that you are never far from.  Not only does it grow on a wide range of habitats (waste ground, arable field margins, verges, stream banks the coast, and hedgerows.  In fact, nearly everywhere except the coast) but is also one of the flowers that will quite happily flower all year round. Continue reading

Wild flowers with an interesting story to tell – look out for them now

Strange times we live in – one day of summer and the next of winter.  But nature battles on and there are increasing numbers of flowers about.  Some of those flowering at the moment may not always grab the visual attention, but have still got interesting stories to tell.  I’ve picked out four: Continue reading