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I am the subject of a research project into citizen scientists. My mind has been probed!

I recently had the pleasure of a morning in the company of Dr. Ria Dunkley.  Ria is a post-doc researcher at the Sustainable Places Research Institute, part of Cardiff University.  Ria has noticed that a) ‘Citizen Science’ is all the rage and, b) no one actually knows why people volunteer to do it.  So she’s set up a research project to find out.  And I was one of her first victims – sorry, subjects. Continue reading

A significant step forward for the biodiversity of Essex?

Prompted and motivating by the blogs I’ve been reading from Urban Pollinators, Plantlife, Butterfly Conservation, Buglife et al, last Autumn I decided to dig up part of our lawn (now less in demand as a football, cricket and badminton area) and create a pollinator wild flower bed.  Mrs H. was suitably alarmed and feared the worst (still does, actually). Continue reading