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Salad burnet Seedlings 700

Our meadow establishment trial has no steps forward – and one back

I expect that you’ve all been getting stressed, waiting for a progress update on the meadow establishment trial that we started running last Autumn.  I had expected to be faced with the challenge of finding an interesting way to write around ‘not a lot’, but in actuality I do have something to report.  Unfortunately, however, it concerns ‘progress’ in a backwards direction. Continue reading

Our meadow conservation charity – some steps forward, and one step, err, not forward

In my last update about the Naturetale Restoration Foundation I described our efforts to source the seed that we need to start the trial.  It turned out that no one supplier could provide four of the species that we need.  But between them we can, and have sourced four. Just!   Continue reading

A problem encountered when trying to re-establish species rich flower meadows

In a previous post (May 6, 2015)  I explained that Naturetale has struck on a way in which we believe we can help improve the ability of conservation organisations to establish new species rich flower meadows.

Unfortunately one of the discoveries from the work done so far is that certain species, that are common components of old, undisturbed meadows, do not respond to this approach.  They do not naturally appear and, when introduced, tend to fail to establish.  Examples of these are Pignut, Saw-wort, Dropwort, Meadow saxifrage, Burnet saxifrage and Bitter vetch. Continue reading