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The world of Hillhouse wood is getting weirder

On Thursday (24 March) I popped down to the wood to see if the numbers of flowers out around my TrackaTree trees had changed at all, now that the nights are getting less cold.  They had not, but elsewhere in the wood the Wood anemones are starting to come out, with smaller numbers of Lesser celandines.  This is what we would expect to see at about this time of year.

04 Lesser celandine cropped    06 Wood anemone

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Track a Tree visits to Hillhouse wood in April (so far)

It’s been a slightly off month so far, phenology wise.  The weatherfolk tell us that this Spring has been relatively sunny, dry and warm.  I don’t doubt them and their instruments, but feel that this doesn’t tell the whole story – which also needs to encompass ‘cold nights’.  Continue reading

A Spring nature walk in Hillhouse wood – I seem to have got away with another one

On Saturday I led another nature walk around Hillhouse wood.  At least with most of the ‘action’ centring on flowers I knew that there would be something to see – they can’t run, slither, swim or fly away.  Continue reading

Frenetic TrackaTree action at Hilhouse Wood

After today’s Trackatree visit to Hillhouse Wood someone of my advanced years needed a lie down.  Everything in the wood more or less stood still for the first half of March, due to the consistently cold temperatures, which rather took the pressure off my TrackaTree monitoring visits.  But you know that, once things warm up a bit, nature will make up for lost time. Continue reading

Track a Tree Visit 7 – What happened to BBC catering standards?

Well, this visit was different.  In truth, it wasn’t really a Track a Tree trip at all, but I was there and so thought I’d take some readings.  It was the reason for being there that was the different bit: I was in the company of minor celebrity! Apparently. Continue reading

Track a Tree Visit 6 – I wonder if I’ve chosen a dead Ash tree?

Having spent the last two days and today working solidly on testing the Android version of the app, I badly needed an excuse to get out.  And as it had been five days since the last visit, I decided it was time for some more data.  It was immediately clear that the Bluebells had been busy since the last visit, and a pleasing number of orchid spikes were also visible. Continue reading

Track a Tree Visit 5 – Long Range Weather Forecast

Only three days since my last visit – but it’s a lovely warm sunny day and I feel like a walk.  And it’s much better to say ‘I must go and do some Track a tree survey fieldwork (for the good of the country, you know)’ rather than ‘I’m bored, anyone fancy a walk?’.  After all, the more data points the more useful the database! Continue reading

Track a Tree visit 4 – in which I shamelessly trick my daughter into doing the work

After a day spent checking the database we’re using for the Android version of the Naturetale app I was ready to start crawling up walls – which isn’t easy when you’ve turned your brain to scrambled mincemeat.  Despite the gloomy and threatening clouds some fresh air was called for.  Although it was only five days since my last Track a tree field visit, the way spring is springing at the moment provided a perfect excuse to get out.  Who knows – the Nightingales might be early. Continue reading