‘Spring’ is off and running in Hillhouse wood, as far as the TrackaTree project is concerned

On my first Trackatree visit of 2017 to Hillhouse wood last week I reported that the leaf buds on my Hazel were already showing green through the leaf scales.  So, having had a couple of warmer days this week, I thought that there was a good chance that bud burst would have started by now.  Finding time to pop down to the wood revealed that this is indeed the case.  In fact bud burst is advancing quite rapidly with buds swelling in most parts of the stool.  Elsewhere in the wood there are the first signs of leaf break.  I shall have to keep on top of the job from now on.

As a rule of thumb the first Chiffchaff arrives in the wood, which is my ‘official’ start of Spring. around 16-19 April.  I wonder if they will be early this year?  it feels very welcoming at the moment.

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