Naturetale Restoration Foundation – The quest for (not much) dosh continues

Followers of this odyssey will recall that we have been granted the first £1,000 of the money we need to run this charity’s trial project.  The total budget for the first year is £3,420, which sounds like there is still some way to go. 

But within this budget there is £1,500 to create educational materials to explain the project and its background issues to local community groups (and anyone else who is interested, and £335 for annual insurance.  The educational materials will only be needed when we are asked to do some talks or attend some events, so need not be done now.  As no work will occur until the Autumn, we can defer the purchase of this insurance until 2017, and I strongly suspect we can reduce this cost from the telephone quote that the budget is based on.

This leaves a much more modest figure of £580 still to raise before we can commission our contractor to prepare the first batch of trial plots.

Except ….. the budget cost for the initial botanical survey (now completed) allowed for £400 more than we were actually charged by Nick Sibbert.  So, all in a sudden, we only need to raise a further £180 to enable the first phase of the trial to be implemented.

A few weeks ago our friends at Colchester CVS used their database to do a thorough search for funding sources whose criteria match what we do.  And last week I had time to go through this and send off an initial e-mail to nine more that look appropriate.  Two quickly wrote back to say ‘bad luck chum’, so seven are still extant.  Fingers crossed – if I’ve not had any response by the middle of week I shall make some follow up phone calls.

What this means in practice is that I can now approach one of the seed suppliers we’ve obtained quotes from to place orders for the seed we’ll need.  And I can also let our contractor know that we will be able to proceed with the trial this year.

All we need now is that £180!

2 thoughts on “Naturetale Restoration Foundation – The quest for (not much) dosh continues

    1. naturetale Post author

      Hi Marcus

      Thank you for your question, and my apologies for taking so long to reply. We are very happy to accept donations, but we are not set up to handle Gift Aid, I’m afraid. I will e-mail you directly, as well.


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