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Jan 2016 700

We have germination, but only for one of the four species

Richard had recommended that I hold a few seeds back, to use in germination trials.  This is arguably a posh way to describe sowing them in seed trays and seeing what happens.  Once sown, the trays were to be left outside (with covers) so that their situation broadly matched that of the seeds in the trial plots.  Continue reading

Stage 2 700

Putting in the plot marker pegs – a bit of a challenge, but we triumph in the end

I’m aware that I left you all in suspense at the end of the last post about the NRF meadow establishment trial, by mentioning that all did not go smoothly with the plot markers.  I had bought markers that had been recommended as the best by an experienced trial manager.  These are Feno Markers, supplied by M&P Survey Equipment Ltd, who had been kind enough to give us a ‘charity discount’ off the price, for which we are very grateful. Continue reading