Monthly Archives: August 2016

My garden meadow receives its first hack

This year a finely balanced ‘tug of war’ in my life tipped from one binary condition to another. On one side – my botanist friend Richard and the entire nature conservation movement, and on the other – my wife.  One side sees a ‘garden meadow’ as boosting wildlife, which needs all the help it can get.  The other side sees one as ‘scruffy’.

After several years of agonising, this spring I stopped mowing two square metres of very patchy lawn tucked around the side of the house, and waited to see how long before Ann noticed. Continue reading

The Naturetale team has a great day spotting wild flowers with Monika Koch of Wild Adventures under Suffolk’s Skies

This year Naturetale has again run its offer of a day out spotting wild flowers with our team for someone who has bought the app.  This year’s winner was Monika Koch of Wild Adventures under Suffolk’s Skies and Stars of Suffolk.  Most helpfully, the area around Monika’s base at Aldburgh, Suffolk has some great wild flower locations – and as Monika organises nature walks she knows exactly where these are.

And so it was that Richard and I headed over to Aldburgh (or, more accurately, Snape) on Saturday 6 August.  Continue reading

The Quest for Seed – nothing is straightforward

In my last update I explained how the Naturetale Restoration Foundation now only needs about £200 more to meet its Year 1 cost budget and start its meadow establishment trial.  (We still do, by the way, if you have some spare cash and want to help advance what is known about improving the biodiversity of new or poor quality wild flower meadows. Or know someone who might.)

But in the meantime our focus has switched to obtaining the seed that we will require.  Continue reading