Monthly Archives: July 2016

New arrivals in my ‘garden meadow’

One of my projects this spring has been to set up a small area of ‘meadow’ in our garden – in other words, remove the mower.  This is an area of about two square metres down the side of the house, where nothing grows very well and ‘no one’ (meaning my less than impressed wife) goes much.

My original plan was to leave it and see what happens – what wonderful meadow flowers would move in through the magic of nature.  However my botanist friend Richard came to stay a few weeks ago and kyboshed that one.  Continue reading

Naturetale Restoration Foundation – The quest for (not much) dosh continues

Followers of this odyssey will recall that we have been granted the first £1,000 of the money we need to run this charity’s trial project.  The total budget for the first year is £3,420, which sounds like there is still some way to go.  Continue reading

The contribution we made to National Meadows Day was, err, ‘modest’

On Saturday 2 July our meadow charity, the Naturetale Restoration Foundation (NRF), organised a display at our trial site as part of National Meadows Day.  One might reasonably have expected an epoch shaping event of this magnitude to have brought this part of north east Essex to a grinding halt, as the transport system groaned under the strain (a bit like Worthy Farm does) – but strangely this did not transpire. Continue reading