Monthly Archives: June 2016

The state of play of the Naturetale Restoration Foundation (NRF) as at mid-June

Heartened by the award of the first £1,000 for the NRF, the meadow diversity improvement charity that we’ve set up, we have ‘pressed the green button’ on our plans to have a display at the trial site on July 2, which is National Meadows Day.  (National Meadows Day is a specific event, part of the Magnificent Meadows initiative being run by Plantlife and its partner organisations). Continue reading

So who won the Naturetale ‘Wild flowerspotting Masterclass’ offer – or was this always a con, like we suspect so many of these ‘special offers’ are?

May 30 was the deadline for entries to the Naturetale ‘have a day out with the team looking at flowers at a place convenient to you’  offer (we spent a lot of time crafting that snappy title).  So I’m guessing that you’re all waiting with bated breath to find out who won it.  If, indeed, anyone did. Continue reading