Monthly Archives: August 2015

What factors should the Naturetale Restoration Foundation meadow establishment trial address?

I’ve already explained that our trial will cover species of meadow flower that previous work has shown to be relatively difficult to establish in new meadows.  But this begs the question of what we should vary in the trials to achieve different results.  Our initial thinking focused on two factors: Continue reading

Developing habitat at the new pond on Fordham Hall estate

When a big new water pipeline was laid through the middle of the Woodland Trust’s Fordham Hall estate, about five years ago, one of the outcomes was that a new pond was created in a corner of a pasture field.  At first all was bare earth, with the pond surround being fenced in, so that grazing cattle would not destroy the new pond’s banks.  Since then this area has been left for nature to get on and ‘do its thing’.  I thought it might be interesting to pop over and see the current state of play. Continue reading