Monthly Archives: June 2015

So what does it cost to run a meadow establishment trial?

Our intention is that the Naturetale Foundation will be entirely funded by grants from appropriate funding bodies (yet to be identified!), which means that we will need to estimate our costs up front.  Where to start?  As normal, we’ve approached this by identifying the broad types of cost that will be involved, and then drilling down into each one in increasing detail until we reckon we’ve thought of everything. Continue reading

What type of charity should the Naturetale Restoration Foundation be? (And the answer is not simple!)

It seems that these days few things is life are simple – and identifying how to set up your charity is no exception.  To be fair, the Government has provided lots of guidance, standardised documentation, and so on to help.  So it’s not overly complicated, but it does need careful thinking through.

There are two key issues to think about.  Continue reading

Meeting a field contractor to review practicalities and estimate costs for the Naturetale Restoration Foundation

Last week the establishment of the Naturetale Restoration Foundation took another important step forward. Having decided which of the potential sites on the Fordham Hall Estate will be the best one to use, I met our potential contractor on site. Here it is, in all its, err, glory. Continue reading

And now our new venture has a name – The Naturetale Restoration Foundation

By the end of my last post on our new initiative we had a purpose and the offer of some land on which to run our meadow flower establishment trials.  But this is not the end of it.  We also needed an appropriate organisation, a detailed design and methodology for the trial, sources of the seeds we’d need, someone to do the actual work (we’re too old and decrepit), a bank account, sources of funding etc. etc. Oh, and a name. Continue reading