Monthly Archives: April 2015

Track a Tree visits to Hillhouse wood in April (so far)

It’s been a slightly off month so far, phenology wise.  The weatherfolk tell us that this Spring has been relatively sunny, dry and warm.  I don’t doubt them and their instruments, but feel that this doesn’t tell the whole story – which also needs to encompass ‘cold nights’.  Continue reading

A Spring nature walk in Hillhouse wood – I seem to have got away with another one

On Saturday I led another nature walk around Hillhouse wood.  At least with most of the ‘action’ centring on flowers I knew that there would be something to see – they can’t run, slither, swim or fly away.  Continue reading

Two more Track a Tree visits that were less than relaxing: Citizen Science the ‘challenging’ way

Things ‘should’ be happening rapidly now, as my trees and their ground flora make up for lost time.  However, after a teasing couple of almost Spring-like days we’re back to cold, cloudy and uninviting weather.  So, as a result, progress is less rapid than one might hope.

Nevertheless I’m still trying to get down to the wood every 2-3 days ‘just in case’.  Continue reading