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The Great Ouse Wetland project – possibly one of the largest landscape improvement projects you’ve never heard of that’s just 2 miles off the A14

Many people interested in birds will have heard of the Ouse Washes – one of the largest areas of wet grazing marsh in England, at 1,900 hectares.  In the summer it provides breeding habitat for a range of special birds, while when flooded in the winter it hosts an estimated 100,000 wintering waterfowl and waders.

But there are two big changes happening in the Great Ouse ‘valley’ – one driven by negative factors, and the other by positive ones. Continue reading

Why do certain plants produce berries?

Berry bearing shrubs and trees are one of the delights of the countryside in autumn, providing colour and interest as the flowers fade away.  They attract birds and mammals by providing a source of food, helping them to survive the winter.  Which is great for the birds and mammals, but begs the question ‘What’s in it for the plants?’  After all, producing all those berries requires a great deal of energy on the part of the plant, so why do they go to all this trouble? Continue reading