Monthly Archives: September 2013

Richard and Steve step out somewhere nice near Peterborough (no snide comments, please)

Last Saturday we went to a National Nature Reserve called Castor Hanglands, to the west of Peterborough.  It’s an area of ancient woodland, pasture and scrub, surrounded by ecologically desolate arable land.  It’s a mystery as to how the Hanglands avoided the same fate, but thank goodness it did. Continue reading

Elderberry – ‘the country person’s medicine chest’

Debbie Lincoln is a consulting Medical Herbalist based, believe it or not, near Lincoln.  She visits clients in their own homes, runs courses, leads herbal medicine walks and gives talks about all aspects of herbal Medicine. We met Debbie when she led a guided walk around Bourne Wood and recognised a kindred spirit! She has agreed to write some ‘guest’ blogs for us, and this is her first. Continue reading

Two berries to look out for in September that have interesting stories to tell

In September the ‘berry’ season is getting well underway. One of the more interesting ones that starts fruiting now is Juniper. Continue reading

Flowers to look for in September

By September it feels as if the summer is well and truly over.  But a surprising number of flowers are still out, working hard to make our country walks more colourful and attractive!

In grassland you may find Continue reading

A walk in Pewsey Vale finds some deadly stuff

Several years ago my sister and brother-in-law moved to live in a little village in Pewsey Vale, situated at the bottom of a chalk ridge.  There is a lovely walk that runs from the end of the village lane up on to the chalk.  Over the years I’ve done it many times, but since we’ve developed the app it has taken on a new dimension. Continue reading