Monthly Archives: August 2013

A pretty flower of special grasslands, about which people had badly misplaced beliefs

There are five species of Millkwort in Britain, the two most common of which are Common and Heath milkwort.  They are a common, pretty, but tiny, flower of special grasslands and heath.  Their flowers are supposed to be a deep blue, can also be white, mauve or pink.  The shape and structure of the Milkwort flower is complicated and unusual.  Worth a closer look! Continue reading

This August Bank Holiday – Chafford Hundred, Rainham marshes, Rain

Dr. Jeffo, the botanical brains behind the Naturetale app, graced us with his presence this last weekend.  As always we had a trip out to ‘do nature’.  The idea was to visit Chafford Hundred, and a couple of other places in the vicinity.  Chafford Hundred is ‘best’ known as a large housing development next to Lakeland shopping centre, Thurrock. However inconveniently for the developers the area had previously been used to quarry chalk. Continue reading

Nature prepares its harvest – berries ripening in August

For me August (especially the third week, when the first morning chill in the air is most likely to be felt) is the worst time of the year.  It is the month in which summer ends (assuming it ever started), which is bad news for an ultra-violet addict.

But we must be brave and search for an upside.  Luckily nature can be relied on to provide several of these, one of which is the ripening of an increasing variety of berries.  These bring both colour and interest to the countryside, several of which have stories to tell. Continue reading

The Great Fen project – it aims to do what it says on the tin

One of the great things about habitat restoration and creation is that is can be done on any scale – from the corner of a field up to tens of thousands of hectares.  So there’s scope for anyone to get involved, if they want to.  Inevitably, though, it’s the big schemes that will tend to attract the headlines – and that’s no bad thing as they help to raise the profile of the whole subject, and inspire us with their ambition. Continue reading

St John’s wort – an unassuming flower with a fascinating back story

St John’s wort might appear to be somewhat unexceptional.  Bright and cheery looking, but not exceptionally attractive; fairly widespread – but not the most common of species.  But appearances can be deceiving. Continue reading