Monthly Archives: June 2013

Getting to grips with what a pain flowers are

Until you really have to focus you have no idea what a pain flowers are.  In the nicest possible way!  The Naturetale app works by categorising flowers into different colours and shapes.  You would have thought that this would be pretty straightforward: a White clover is white and the shape of a ball; a Red clover is much the same shape but is red.  Well, pink.  A Bluebell is …. a blue bell shape.  This seems to be confirmed by the identification guides. Continue reading

Midsummers Day – once a lot more important than it is now

One of the greatest ‘eye-openers’ I’ve had through developing the Naturetale app is to appreciate how far more central, and important, to most peoples’ lives flowers used to be than they are now.  Flowers were not just pretty decorations, to provide some beauty and relaxation.  Through food, medicine and (what we now consider to be superstitious) beliefs flowers played an integral role in living and surviving. Continue reading

Why is a mobile phone app like a dog?

A deeply intriguing question, you may well respond.  Clearly the answer cannot lie in the area of embarrassing and unpleasant messes that need to be cleared up.  It could be something to do with being kept awake at night and disturbed sleep.  Or the connection could lie with their propensity to absorb far too much time, distracting you from more important tasks.  It could even be something to do with the cost of their upkeep – especially those gaming apps we hear about that are bankrupting parents who give their kids their credit card details. Continue reading

Why we love the Coronation Meadows project

Did any of you notice the recent media coverage of the new Coronation Meadows project?  It’s being driven by a charity called Plantlife, and fronted by Prince Charles.  The basic idea is to nominate at least one ‘Coronation Meadow’ in each county.  To qualify, a meadow has to meet several criteria.  But the exciting bit, that makes this special, is the plans to use these Coronation Meadows to rejuvenate and improve other meadows in the area. Continue reading

Why the Naturetale app is good at identifying stuff (and why this has little to do with me)

Even something as apparently straightforward as the development of a flower and berry information app needs a range of expertise to bring it to fruition.  We identified early on that someone who knows the first thing about plants might be an advantage.  And so we have been very lucky to retain the services of a certain Dr. Richard Jefferson.  Dr. Jefferson, or ‘Richard’, as we tend to call him is one of the most pre-eminent botanists who was in my year group at school.  Or, at least, the most pre-eminent who is still prepared to talk to me.

As this typical pose demonstrates, botany’s gain is Hollywood’s loss.  Harrison Ford et al will be forever relieved. Continue reading